Beddings for Rats and Mice

Taking care of your pet mice and or rats not only mean providing them with the appropriate and enough food they need. One of the things that you also have to take into account to keep not only your pets but yourself happy and free from possible disease-causing germs and bacteria, is to make sure that your pets’ home is kept properly maintained. You also need to make sure that you have the appropriate bedding for rats and mice that will keep your pet comfortable while inside its new home.


Different Types of Beddings for Rats and Mice

Note that the type of bedding for mice can affect the overall health and well-being of your pet, so you need to make sure that you use only what will benefit your pet mice most.

Remember also that the bedding for your pet absorbs the moisture in your pet’s cage as well as the urine in it. It also helps keep your pet warm and dry. However, not all bedding will provide the same benefit and not all will be safe for your pet. Although rats are noted to be meticulous groomers, they can still be leaving some nasty smell inside their cage if their bedding is just not fitted for its purpose.

For the best bedding that you can use for pet rat’s cage, you may consider one of the following options:

Pellet Bedding

Paper pellets are noted to be ideal beddings for rats since they are quite absorbent an also cheap. As soon as you notice that them become soiled, you will need to have them replaced unless you don’t care if your pet and everything near it smell like rat pee.

Straw Pellet Bedding

Straw pellets are just like paper pellets. They are also good alternatives since they are safe and are quite absorbent as well.

Shredded Cardboard Bedding

Shredded cardboard bedding will also work just as find as the first two options as they can also quickly absorb pee and moisture.

Cloth Bedding

Clean pieces of cloth may also be used to serve as covering for your pet’s cage flooring and bedding. They can also be a great alternative for bedding especially if you know or notice that your pet is not comfortable with the options mentioned. You will just have to make sure that the cloth is not tattered and will also be safe for your pet. Any loose thread or ragged or serrated edges on the cloth may be enough to cut through or injure your pet’s legs or tail.

Shredded Paper Bedding

Although shredded paper may also be used for your pet’s bedding, they can also prove to be unsafe for your tiny pets, especially if the paper has already been used since the ink on the paper can be dangerous to your pet’s health. If you have no other option but to use paper as covering for your pet, you will need to make sure that it’s clean and safe.

Beddings That Should NOT be Used for Rats and Mice

Cedar and Pine Beddings

Cedar and pine may give a pleasant smell to your little pet’s home, but they surely won’t be safe to be used as beddings for your fragile friends. Note that these good smelling plants give off poisonous fumes that can actually endanger your pet’s health.

Cat Litter

Cat litter can form clumps in your pet’s tummy if it is ingested and can make your pet sick. It can also easily attract dust and other dirt, hence will be unsafe for your rat’s respiratory system.

Corn Cob Bedding

Just like cat litter, corn cobs are obviously choking hazards, hence should also not be used as bedding for your pet.

When looking for the best beddings for rats and mice, always consider the safety and availability of the beddings that you intend to use. There are some good options as identified above, but you need to make sure that the bedding will also be replaced whenever necessary. This will help ensure that your pet will be kept clean, safe, and also comfortable inside its cage.

Is there any other option that you have already used to serve this purpose?