Choosing the Fish Tank Filter & Aquarium Canister Filter

Many pet enthusiasts have considered keeping small fishes as their home buddies. To keep their new friends happy and healthy they provide a new home for them, either one that is readily available in the market or one that is customized for the purpose. Tanks or aquariums are ideal for small pets like fish, and other smaller reptiles like lizards and snakes that thrive in these cages. To make the space a lot more convenient and healthy for your pet to inhabit, you will need the best fish tank filter and aquarium canister filter.


To ensure that your fish will not only survive but will remain healthy and safe while under your care, you will need to provide it ample food and make sure that its aquarium is well maintained. Any excess food, algae growth, and dirt that remain in the tank for some time will pollute the water and make the tank dirty, sticky, and unsafe for your fish to inhabit.

To make sure that your pet’s aquarium is kept safe and clean, you will need the best fish tank filter available in the market. It is not an easy task to do that, however, as there are so many options available. And as not every aquarium that is being sold in the market will not be able to do as you would expect it to, you will have to be very careful when looking for the right fish tank to buy.

For this purpose, we are providing you this guide, which includes a couple of options that you can choose from, to make the process a lot easier for you. If you find this post helpful, all that we ask is that you share the good things that you have found with your circle of friends.

Types of Fish Tank Filters

Fish tank filters serve not only for aesthetic purposes. It also serves some health benefits for your fish. You see, fish produce ammonia through their gills as part of the waste that gets released from their bodies. This substance is toxic to your tiny friend. However, as the fish breathes through their gills, the ammonia mixes with the water in the tank as they breath through their gills.

Fish tank filters help remove this toxic waste from the water in the aquarium. The process also serves a mechanical function by helping remove excess food and other particles that may be left clinging on the surface of the tank or in the water inside the tank. A clean and clear water in the fish tank will help promote good health for your fish.

The water filtration system also removes any harmful chemicals that may be present in the water making it easier for your pet to breathe and live in a clean and chemical-free water.

When looking for the right filtration system for your pet’s tank, you will that there is almost an endless list of options.

Here are some of the general terms that differentiates one tank fish filter from the other.

Aquarium canister filter

This aquarium canister filter is an ideal option for those who have to maintain a bigger-sized aquarium. It has an integral water pump, carbon, sponge, and biological media to help do the process of filtration properly.

Box Filters

For small aquariums and fish bowls, a box filter will just be fine. These filters are plastic boxes made with a perforated lid and a lift tube. This simple design makes the box filter easy to setup and to use.

Chemical reactors filters

This type of filter is known by other names such as fluidized bed filter, media reactor, aquarium reactor, carbon reactor, calcium reactor, phosban reactor, and co2 reactor. Others refer to it as a “suspended particulate filter” or as a “suspended sand filter” for some obvious reasons.

In general, these are chambers that are connected to pumps and forces water through a load of small granules, such as sand or plastic or silica chips.

Outside or Hang-On-Back Filters

As the name suggests, this filter is designed to be hung on the back of the aquarium to provide excellent mechanical and biological filtration.

Sponge Filters

A sponge filter is simply a sponge attached to a riser tube. Water is drawn through the sponge and is forced out to the other end of the tube by airlift or by powerhead. The unit is simply connected with an air pump using an airline tubing to provide aeration and filtration for the fish. To clean the filter, you will just need to squeeze the sponge in a bucket of water.

Trickle Filters

This type of filter is also known as wet-dry filter and is designed to drip or spray aquarium water over a medium for marine and freshwater aquariums. The process helps maximize oxygen saturation and also provides excellent biofiltration. For this filter to function as it is designed to do, the filter box is placed on top of the aquarium.

Among these types of fish tank filters, which have you tried yet?