Guide in Selecting the Bird Cage


No pet bird should be left to stay in the open even though they have lived in the wild all their lives. Like any other pets, these feathered creatures need a cage where they can spend time to sleep and stay to keep themselves protected from predators and the natural elements. It is also a safe feature for owners knowing that their birds are just within their reach. It should be where the bird could feel secure, contented, and be happy staying in. And if you are looking for one, this guide in selecting the best bird cage is one that you should provide you with the information that you need to make a smart decision later on.

When looking for an appropriate bird cage, you always need to consider the convenience that the space will provide for your pet. Look around to compare the design, features, as well as the price. It won’t be easy, and you should not consider the very first option that you see. Remember that your bird’s health depends on it.

When selecting your bird’s cage, there are few things that you need to ask yourself.


What Size of Cage Would Provide the Most Benefitial for Your Bird?

The size of the cage is an important factor that you should never disregard. You do not want to have a cage that will make your bird feel restricted, nor would you want to have one that is just too big to be placed even in your living room. Instead, pick one that will allow your bird to spread its wings in all directions without any restrictions. It should be roomy enough that your pet can fly from one corner to another without any problem. Remember that any space that will keep your bird feeling restrained will make it feel uncomfortable. This will later cause tantrums and illicit an inappropriate behavior from your bird. So, when looking for a appropriately sized cage, opt for one that will allow your bird to fly around it with ease. Just remember that a bigger cage will require more time to be maintained, however.

How Far Should the Distance Between the Bars on Cages Be?

When looking for a perfectly designed cage for you pet bird, you also need to consider the gap between the bars. Take note that any pet placed inside a cage will take every effort to make its way out. Any bird may stick its neck and try to get through the gap between the bars on the cage, so you need to makes sure that you find one that has bars that are conveniently distanced to be safe enough for your bird.

What Material for My Bird Cage Be Made Of?

Bird cages can be made of any of these materials: wood, steel, iron, acrylic, and any other metal. The most common material used in building best bird cage is metals. It is recommended to go with cages that are made of stainless steel or one that is painted with a non-toxic coat as they would be sturdier and a lot easier to clean. Just make sure that the welded areas are done thoroughly and are not easily accessible to your bird.

What Would Be the Right Shape for a Pet Bird Cage?

Bird cages come in different shapes, but it is best that you go with the rectangular ones as it will be easier for the bird to fly from one reference point to another instead of going around a circle as this could be quite frustrating for them. Just make sure that there are no unsafe edges and all other previously mentioned elements are taken into consideration as well.

What Would Be an Appropriate Size for a Door on the Cage Be?

Obviously, you’ll need one with a bigger door as this will make it easier to pass through it, especially if it is one that is allowed to stay outside its cage often. It will be quite easier to clean the cage as well if it has a bigger door that grants easier access to all the accessories inside it. Just make sure that the door has a latch that can’t easily be opened, however. Birds are smart pets, and they could easily figure out how to open a latch, so if you would, use a padlock on the door just to be sure.

So, there you have it, our simple guide in selecting the best bird cage. Let us know if you have found the best cage for your bird soon.